Burl's Balloon is a sidescrolling platformer built in flash following the story of a lonely hedgehog that falls in love with a balloon. In Burl's Balloon, the player sticks to ceilings and shoots quills to solve a number of platforming challenges. Burl must race the balloon to the end of the level and catch it before it blows away!

I was the Environmental Artist & Level Designer for Burl's Balloon. My contributions to the project are as follows:

  • Brought 2D Environments from a conceptual stage to usable in-game graphics.
  • Built modular sets of environmental assets and props to produce and iterate levels quickly.
  • Designed and built all levels.

Some screenshots of Burl's Balloon can be viewed below.


​"...a visually and mechanically thrilling experience."

John Polson, indiegames.com

Major Hertz is an "80's action bad-ass simulator" built in Unity3d where the player shoots, boosts, and ignores gravity to claim their manly dominance against the evil Onyx Cross in the center of a raging space battle. At its core, the game is a third person shooter that is both a love letter and a parody of 80's games and movies.

I was the Environmental Artist & Level Designer for Major Hertz. My contributions to the projects are as follows:

  • Built modular sets of environmental assets that allowed for rapid level iteration.
  • Built a library of props, building blocks and materials.
  • Designed and constructed all levels in the game.
  • Produced all particle effects. Designed and produced all UI art.
  • Built/textured the enemy footsoldier characters. Textured all other characters and enemies.

Major Hertz was my team's final project in Vancouver Film School's Game Design program, and was produced in roughly four months from pre-production to final presentation. Major Hertz was awarded Best Final Project out of our class of GD24.

A trailer and screenshots of Major Hertz can be viewed below. Major Hertz has been featured on Rock, Paper, Shotgun & indiegames.com!


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